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Ways of using worry beads

Every person chooses how to use their worry beads kombolois, depending on their personality, their awareness about kombolois and the type of beads that consist them.

For instance, someone who holds genuine amber should not in any way swirl the beads and strike one another because he will ruin them. Of course a person who likes to be discreet won’t strike the beads to avoid disturbing his surroundings with irritating noises. A lot of people are not aware that this habit of striking the beads started in the middle 1800’s in Greece by groups of outcasts and underworld called koutsavakis (fake lame-walking persons that argued for no reason) who wanted to state their presence to their surroundings, and provoke them.

However, if you still wish to “strike the beads” these should be made of plastic, wood, horn, bone. But always keep in mind that this way of use doesn’t offer us the desired relaxation . On the contrary we are kept in tension, stress and irration are likely to remain.

A handy way to use your kombolois is to caress them gently finding out the shape of the beads, the volume, weight, and above all the energy! As an effect the body, the nervous system relax and the body’s ions balance. Also caressing the beads results the awakening of the creative imagination, insight, intuition and other synthetic brain functions.

At this point we have to remind you that the primary hand garlands worry beads were used as prayer beads, that intented to relaxing of the body and spirit.

It was the Turks officials in Greece, who held desbihs with 99 beads, as many as the graces of Allah for their prayers. As times went by these Ottoman prayer beads turned to symbols of wealth and scepters of power.

Respectively Greek people created three types of hand garlands : a) The prayer ropes made of wool tied in knots. b) The common garlands with no special decorations that people use in their daily life others to relax and others enjoy the striking of the beads. c) Then there are the jewellry-made garlands with unique designs’ handmade accessories such as emblems – shields, tassel funnels, silk yarns and beads of natural materials that carry positive energy e.g amber, semi precious stones, corals, etc and noble metals such as sterling silver and gold.

These jewelry-made garlands are the ones we create in EFHANTRON company and we named them efhantra because they are beyond kombolois. There are their noble evolution!




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