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Curative worry beads

It’s useful to know that there is a huge difference between caressing an amber worry bead that is made of handcrafted silver or gold parts, which resembles a jewelry and “slamming the beads” of a plastic worry bead with its string tied in a knot.

When we slam the beads of a worry bead, we state in our environ that we are poor, that we have bad taste, that we are uncivilized and that we imitate the habits of the underworld and the ordinary guys who “slam the beads” in order to show the impact of their bravado.

Bear in mind that when we slam the beads, our body enters a phase of tension. The sound of slamming the beads is quite annoying to those who listen to it. On the contrary, when we caress an amber or crystal worry bead, our nervous system and body relaxes. We are led to introspection and reflection. Forces of insight, intuition and creative fantasy are activated. We receive positive energy that balances our body’s ions and we fell wellness. The same happens when we caress worry beads from natural crystals.

Crystal healing therapists and serious astrologers recommend that we hold natural crystals because they work like medicine in our body and support us in our daily efforts.

Knowledge, virtue and action of course define our lives. Crystals, though, the “tutors of light”, offered to us lavishly by mother earth, lead to decisively to the right choices and direct us to the light of truth, the path of the sun, the path of health and salvation from our passions and weaknesses. More on the issue of crystals in curative beads.

Knowing the benefits of crystals and the combinations proposed by the crystal healers for better health, wellness, love, spiritual tranquillity etc. EFHANTRON has produced new therapeutical worry beads that correspond to these needs for men, women, and children.

Many people do not use worry beads, influenced by the prejudice that worry beads are a thing of the lazy and the people of the underworld. This line between us and the aforementioned groups doesn´t exist anymore and we never “slam the beads”; instead we caress the worry beads that are real jewelry.

It’s a positive social offer to spread the useful and civilized way of using the worry beads and preach against slamming the beads. We can caress the worry beads while walking, reading or talking.

We can also do so in the movies, in the theatre, at a concert, while watching TV, even while we sleep.




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