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A piece of jewelry should be more than an accessory

A piece of jewelry should be more than an accessory

From the moment humans realize their existence in a society, there is a need to care for their looks, because through this will inevitably carry specific messages to those who they socialize with . The history of grooming the body starts from prehistory and then also begins the story of jewelry. The need of caring for our looks is the leading force for all artists over the centuries that have created jewelry.

The first jewelry was made to attract a prospective mate, or to show their social status or even to exorcise evil. For its handcrafting all kinds of materials offered by nature and chemistry were used. Feathers, clay, wood, horn, bone, shell, coral, glass, enamel, crystals, minerals, are just  a few of the materials that became the raw material for all sorts of jewelry. The ingenuity, craftsmanship, imagination and inspiration were tested to the highest degree in this art.

In ancient times highly art jewelry have been created , despite of the fact that artists then had no powerful tools and know-how to master materials and particularly the resistance of metals and crystals. However, in Ancient Greece, the jewelry makers manage to do literally “whatever they wanted” with silver, gold and crystals, materials that are highly resistant.

Today, the craftsmen that can make by hand the details that were made by their ancient counterparts, are very few. Of course, nowadays, the use of electronic media, which occupies the space of traditional techniques, allows us to make even the most complex artistic idea of ​​creating jewelry that can show amazing detail and great variety of designs and style. At the same time, however, we should deal with these new jewelry as objects of mass industrial production associated with transient fashion trends. In this sense, like fashion has given these pieces of jewellery a transient glow, in the same way will soon take it away,making them look old and unattractive. At the same time, the same mechanisms will create new jewelry that will take the place of older ones consumed in  their time in  a profit perpetual succession and massification of both buyers and their image.

Jewellery, however, always accompany people on important social moments. A piece of jewelry symbolizes good luck in  baptism, a promise in the wedding, even  the memory when the elderly give a piece of jewelery to their children or grandchildren with their wishes in order to remember them. We should not forget that jewelry in antiquity would accompany the dead and today we get information about lost civilizations through the shelves of the museums. All these show that a piece of  jewelry must be something more than a fashion accessory.

Our point of view is that a piece of  jewelry is made ​​from one man for  another, and for this reason even if the craftsman does not know the buyer, jewelry should have  something of the soul of both. For the same reason, in spite of the times, we continue to produce jewelry respecting the tradition of craftsmen, exploring their knowledge and giving our best to each project. The point is that we enjoy to participate in the whole process!

Finally, it is now a matter of buyers to stand up against the temporary perceptions of fashion and look for a bit of their personality in everything they choose to grace their image.




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