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A piece of jewelry should be more than an accessory

A piece of jewelry should be more than an accessory

From the moment humans realize their existence in a society, there is a need to care for their looks, because through this will inevitably carry specific messages to those who they socialize with . The history of grooming the body starts from prehistory and then also begins the story of jewelry. The need of caring for our looks is the leading force for all artists over the centuries that have created jewelry. The first jewelry was made to attract a prospective mate, or to show their social status or even to exorcise evil. For its handcrafting all kinds of materials offered by nature and chemistry were used. Feathers, clay, wood, horn, bone, shell, coral, glass, enamel, crystals, minerals, are just  a few of the materials that became the raw material for all sorts of jewelry. The ingenuity, craftsmanship, imagination and inspiration were tested to the highest degree in this art. In ancient times highly art jewelry have been created , despite of the fact that artists then had no powerful tools and know-how to master materials and particularly the resistance of metals and crystals. However, in Ancient Greece, the jewelry makers manage to do literally “whatever they wanted” with...

Worry beads and mangas

Throughout its history, mankind is obliged to assign names to all things. In this way words are created. With the course of time and due to social change the meaning of some words changes. This happened with the words worry bead and mangas. Mangas was a member of a manga, a small, independent armed group. During the Ottoman times it used to be an independent body of men that fought against the Turks. Its members were primarily Greeks and Albanians. Their distinctive feature was their passion for freedom, independence, truth, justice and equality. Another feature was their braveness, their pride and especially mpesa ( a word of Albanian origin meaning candour-word of honor). Since history is initially written by the victors that are extreme nationalists and serve the interests of their class, the history behind mangas and manga is not taught in schools. Today, the term mangas is used in a general way and has a broad content. Life, society, people have a special dynamic and nothing remains hidden, nothing is lost, everything has its value, everything has its impact. As a result the term mangas did not disappear. Its meaning changed and it was appropriated by many social groups....

Prejudice against relaxation

Most Greeks think that worry beads are a thing of the underworld, the lazy, the uneducated that slam the beads the break people’s nerves. They also believe that they are collectible and decorative items. They know that Stavrakas and Barba Yorgo (figures of the shadow theatre) were holding worry beads in order to state their bravado. They also think that worry beads as a custom were imported from Turkey and that they are used by zealots and that whoever uses a worry bead should slam the beads. They are not aware that the connoisseurs and the educated ones never slam the beads; the caress them instead. They do not know the facts that are found in the folklore section and they are thus prejudiced. Their prejudice makes them ashamed to hold a worry bead and as a result they lose the opportunity to relax their nervous system and body; to have insight, to reflect, to receive positive energy, wellness, calm and balance in the ions of their body. They lose the chance to awaken their creative phantasy, their insight, intuition, and other cognitional functions of the brain. EFHANTRON produces worry beads that are aesthetically superior from the most beautiful jewels and sells them in...

Ways of using worry beads

Every person chooses how to use their worry beads kombolois, depending on their personality, their awareness about kombolois and the type of beads that consist them. For instance, someone who holds genuine amber should not in any way swirl the beads and strike one another because he will ruin them. Of course a person who likes to be discreet won’t strike the beads to avoid disturbing his surroundings with irritating noises. A lot of people are not aware that this habit of striking the beads started in the middle 1800’s in Greece by groups of outcasts and underworld called koutsavakis (fake lame-walking persons that argued for no reason) who wanted to state their presence to their surroundings, and provoke them. However, if you still wish to “strike the beads” these should be made of plastic, wood, horn, bone. But always keep in mind that this way of use doesn’t offer us the desired relaxation . On the contrary we are kept in tension, stress and irration are likely to remain. A handy way to use your kombolois is to caress them gently finding out the shape of the beads, the volume, weight, and above all the energy! As an effect the body, the nervous system relax and the body’s...

What is really beautiful?

The criteria that assist us perceive beautiful worry beads than an ugly one are our civilization, culture, character, our ethics, sensitivity and knowledge. There are also some fundamental principles that we can rely on: 1. If the object is durable in use, meaning that it consists of an appropriate strand with the right accessories. 2. If it is functional, meaning that the beads have the right hole size and roll easy on the strand or sterling silver chain. 3. When the size of the worry beads fits the size of your palm and when its colors match our skin and hair colors (blond, brunette etc) or our character (mild characters prefer pastel colors; masterful types prefer mostly dark colors especially black, etc.) 4. When the materials are natural with positive energy such as amber, semi-precious stones, corals and valuable metals. It is important to choose worry beads without accessories with sharp edges that can injure your hand and tear your pockets. 5. When worry beads are created with imagination, artistry and knowledge.




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