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Efhantra (Greek worry beads)

Who said that worry beads are for men only?

Who said that worry beads are for men only?

Though historically, kompoloi (or komboloi) is mostly related to men, this time is over! Considering everyone ‘s need for relaxation, while living under the contemporary competitive and stressful way of life, worry beads have become a need,- and why not, a fashionable need -, that can lead us to relaxation and enjoyment and of course women can not be excluded. Inspired from women’s abilities in playing with color and elegant themes, we created a series of “efhantra” (worry beads) of colorful and elegant materials such as pearls, amber, corals, and gemstones combined with handcrafted sterling silver or silver and gold accessories in a variety of designs. Women’ s collection at efhantra-worry beads are designed for multi-ways use; they can be worn as necklaces, can be held for relaxation, meditation etc. or even to decorate your bags, office furniture etc. At Efhantron shop, on March 8, 2007, was held the first global exhibition on women’s worry beads. After the great interest that has been aroused, is now established and is continuously updated. You have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful ladies’ worry beads that exceed in aesthetics even the most enviable jewellery. We can...
Decorative Efhantra

Decorative Efhantra

The Efhantra can be considered as jewels, as they are composed of natural crystals, amber, silver and gold. They have love, imagination and art. For this reason we can say that they are works of art. We can use them to decorate tables, walls, windows, showing our aesthetics and our financial situation.


For us of EFHANTRON, and for many others, who are constantly growing, Efhantron is a hand garland for men, women and children, which we perceive and use as: • A medium for artistic expression, expressing aesthetic concerns and using many different techniques. This makes our efhantra kombolois collectible pieces. • A source of therapy and anti-stress treatment. Amber and semi-precious stones carry positive energy that have relaxing and healing properties (according to crystal healers natural crystals balance the ions of our organism and drive static electricity away). Furthermore, the repeated touch on the beads and the tassel yarns of kombolois function as an anxiolytic that benefits our nervous system. While keeping our hands busy with an efhantro-komboloi we give a way out to frustrations and embarrassments, that assist us to quit bad habits such as smoking. • A medium of awakening our creative imagination. When we repeat several times the same touch on the beads which are of natural materials, and we focus our thoughts on an idea, just like the monks used to do with kombolois, then the right hemisphere of the brain is activated and insight, intuition and creative...

Curative worry beads

It’s useful to know that there is a huge difference between caressing an amber worry bead that is made of handcrafted silver or gold parts, which resembles a jewelry and “slamming the beads” of a plastic worry bead with its string tied in a knot. When we slam the beads of a worry bead, we state in our environ that we are poor, that we have bad taste, that we are uncivilized and that we imitate the habits of the underworld and the ordinary guys who “slam the beads” in order to show the impact of their bravado. Bear in mind that when we slam the beads, our body enters a phase of tension. The sound of slamming the beads is quite annoying to those who listen to it. On the contrary, when we caress an amber or crystal worry bead, our nervous system and body relaxes. We are led to introspection and reflection. Forces of insight, intuition and creative fantasy are activated. We receive positive energy that balances our body’s ions and we fell wellness. The same happens when we caress worry beads from natural crystals. Crystal healing therapists and serious astrologers recommend that we hold natural crystals because they work like medicine in our body and support us in our daily...




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