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FRESH WATER PEARLS according to tradition are  a symbol for a  happy marriage and help the flow of love in the couple.  They enhance  purity, faith in noble values, such as honesty, morality and charity. At young ages they symbolize innocence and pure heart. That is the reason why they are known as  “stone of sincerity”.  Pearls treat digestive disorders and the soft organs of the body.  They relieve conditions of bloating and biliousness.  Pearls increase fertility and ease childbirth. Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo.

Since antiquity, man was impressed by the pearl bearing oysters. His admiration led him to use them to decorate garments and jewellery. Writers of world literature were inspired by pearls and created stories about mythical pearls that in some cases brought happiness beyond imagination or in others, floods of tears to their owners!

Pearl bearing oysters during their 6-7 years of  life,  enfold “invaders” (such as grains of sand, pebbles, etc) with superimposed layers of nacre. Thus, each “invader” is transformed into a beautiful pearl, in an almost magical way!

Marine research in oysters is a highly cost work. Imagine that, just a necklace consisted of evenly, perfectly round and same color pearls is a very expensive acquisition. This is why man cultivates oysters in fresh water.  Cultivated pearls cost much cheaper than the ones collected at the open seas.

Some pearls are shiny and others have dull color. The dull ones are very cheap. Strands of pearls with irregular and uneven beads, which are most frequently found in the market, are also very cheap. The pearls we use in our jewellery and efhantra come from farms, are shiny, even in color and shape and perfectly round. When a pearl is genuine, we can hear a crackling sound while our teeth are on it.

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