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Baltic Sea Amber

  • Butterscotch color Amber

    Butterscotch color Amber

    <p>We call <strong>Butterscotch color Baltic Amber</strong> or <strong>Royal Matt Yellow Amber</strong> the pale yellow amber with whitish or even white colourings sometimes. According to scientific sources, amber’s butter color is due to low pressures and temperatures’ impacts and that at the grounds it had been deposited there was no admixtures with vibrant colored chemical elements.</p>
  • Kahraman


    <p>We call <strong>KAHRAMAN</strong> a specific kind of amber that people had in their possession a long time ago. This amber was oxidized by oxygen and hands’ excretions of the people that held them from time to time. The oxidation tinctured them with a sweet orange tone. So KAHRAMAN is the old excavated amber.</p>
  • Antique Amber

    Antique Amber

    <p><strong>ANTIQUE</strong> amber owes its name to the color that resembles the old amber-kahraman.</p> <p>It is the butterscotch amber that has darkened: either because its mining occurred some years ago and its contact with the oxygen of the atmosphere has oxidized it or because during the time it was in the land it received higher pressures and temperatures.</p> <p>It is no coincidence that it is a top choice for amber’s lovers, right after the kahraman amber.</p>
  • Champagne Amber

    Champagne Amber

    <p>We call <strong>CHAMPAGNE</strong> amber the clear light yellow amber which color has the usually golden hue of champagne. The uniform clarity of its color is due to very low contact with oxygen during the process of the resin’s fossilisation. As a champagne wine, champagne amber is a fine taste material that could anyone admire in a worry beads collection.</p>
  • Cherry Amber

    Cherry Amber

    <p><strong>Cherry Amber</strong> can be found in several shades and covers the whole scale of the crimson color.</p> <p>Dark amber colors, usually are the result of the high pressures and temperatures it has suffered, <strong>during the millions of years, it was inside the soil</strong>. An additional factor that can affect amber's color is the ground's components.In some cases its color may be due to "bombardment" with a laser. This procedure does not affect amber’s structure.</p>
  • Cognac Amber

    Cognac Amber

    <p><strong>COGNAC</strong> amber is named after the golden- brown hues that remind us this well-known type of drink. Dark amber colors are the result of the high pressures and temperatures it has suffered, during the millions of years, it was inside the soil. An additional factor that can affect amber's color is the ground's components. </p>
  • Green Amber

    Green Amber

    <p><strong>Olive green amber</strong> is called the amber that has olive green colourings . Vivid “green color ambers” are not natural but they have been chemically treated and in most cases they are copals (recent fossils).</p>
  • Multicolor Amber

    Multicolor Amber

    <p>By saying <strong>Multicolor Amber</strong> we mean the variety of the combinations of amber beads of different qualities and colors that we can find in efhantra-worry beads of this category. Amber is a natural material because sometimes presents a variegation, especially when it isn’t especially cleaned after excavated.</p>
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