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  • Gemstones


  • Organic Materials

    Organic Materials

    <p>By the term organic materials we mean wood, corals, animal bones, horns and shells. Worry beads with beads made of organic materials are very popular by the people due to their warm earthly colors and their high hardiness to intense everyday use. Their prices start at about 25 €.</p> <p>Beads of organic materials may display some variations in color, weight and size.</p>
  • Amber


  • Faturan-Mastihas


    <p><strong>Faturan, mastics and sudurus</strong> are chemical attempts to imitate real amber. They deserve a position at your collection because of their antiquity. They also have beguiling colors and their beads produce enchanting sounds.</p> <p>They are aged between 80 to 135 years. The tradition says they are consisted of amber dust, of frankincense, bakelite, colophony and mastic dust. There is no certitude for their composition, unless we analyze them chemically. Their antiqueness results their value.</p> <p>The company “EFHANTRO” has collected until 1976 nothing but the best, in faturan, mastics and sudurus at the Arabic world. At that time, they were very rare.</p> <p>Today the market is stuffed with these so called”old”. So, if the cap fits, wear it!</p>
  • Silver


    <p>In this gallery you will find worry beads kombolois made with handmade sterling silver beads. We highlight the fact that they are handmade and not machine’s massive production. Many people compare the prices of the former with the latter and consider them expensive, unaware that the process of their production is demanding and time consuming. For the first time at special prices!</p>
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