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Worry beads and women

women worry beads

Who said that worry beads are for men only?

Though historically, kompoloi (or komboloi) is mostly related to men, this time is over! Considering everyone ‘s need for relaxation, while living under the contemporary competitive and stressful way of life, worry beads  have become a need,- and why not, a fashionable need -, that can lead us to relaxation and enjoyment and of course women can not be excluded. Inspired from women’s abilities in playing with color and elegant themes, we created a series of “efhantra” (worry beads) of colorful and elegant materials such as pearls, amber, corals, and gemstones combined with handcrafted sterling silver or silver and gold accessories in a variety of designs. Women’ s collection at efhantra-worry beads are designed for multi-ways use; they can be worn as necklaces, can be held for relaxation, meditation etc. or even to decorate your bags, office furniture etc. At the Club of Friends of worry beads, in 147 Asklipiou str., on  March 8, 2007, was held the first global exhibition on women’s worry beads. After the great interest that has been aroused, is now established and is continuously updated. Every day except weekends from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm and in the afternooons from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm, you have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful ladies’ worry beads that exceed in aesthetics even the most enviable jewellery. We can also create unique pieces for you, as you desire. Send us your ideas for custom orders at We would be glad to help you!

Women’s collection at efhantra-worry beads:

This efhantro (worry beads -kompoloi)  consists of  21+1 pink quartz beads, dimensions 10 x 13mm. The  bead's separator accessory  is decorated with the cross  symbol. Sterling silver  accessories. Ochre pure silk tassel threads.

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This efhantro consists of  20+1 amazonite beads, diameter  12mm, 1 fresh water pearl bead  and 1 amber bead at the finish. Sterling silver accessories with handmade 14K gold wire decoration.

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