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Komboloi and efhantron

Our company EFHANTROΝ has created and suggests a new type of garland – jewelry that is basically used as an anxiolytic accessory without any side effects! Men, women and children of any age can keep one. This garland – jewelry is consisted of natural crystal beads full of positive energy, of silver and golden elements. It’s a work of Art expressing the Greek aesthetics, culture and civilization. It has been created by the artist Tasos Thomaidis. Tasos Thomaidis named his creation εύχαντρον (efhantron). The word means beads that are pleasant. It’s a compound word that consists of the word εύ (ef) =anything good or pleasant, and the word χάντρα (hantra)=bead.

When he “came across” with the prayer beads (worry beads or komboloi in Greek) he was impressed and the result was to make pieces of jewelry –  efhantra. He was inspired by the Greek traditional designs that with his talent he tranformed and applied in the accessories and combined them with natural and precious materials.

We believe that our approach to the traditional komboloi, converts it into a special object which may function as:

The company Efhantron was created to deliver its knowledge and points of view about the history and tradition of worry beads and to invite people to use this unique therapeutic jewellery for relaxation, meditation, against stress and bad habits.

Texts by Tasos Thomaidis - Copyright Efhantron ®
Prohibited use without the written consent of the company 
and without reference to the source.

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