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Comments about the new released cd album “tis alithias… anthi”

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In the constellation of Scorpio


By October 23rd we have officially entered the eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio that represents the heart of autumn. Visit our collections to find stones, kombolois and matching jewelry for Scorpios. The symbols of this sign, except of course the scorpion, is … Continue reading

Factors shaping the price of amber today


Nowadays most of us look suspiciously at various consumer goods that have high prices or continuously get more expensive. One such commodity is Baltic amber, the fossilized resin that its age exceeds 25 million years … Read more about how … Continue reading

In the constellation of Leo


On the 23rd of July we are officially entering the sign of Leo so we take the initiative to post about symbols and stones related to this sign. In our collection you will find many pieces bearing the respective symbols … Continue reading

Semi precious stones and humans


Almost everyone, at some time, when we found ourselves  on a beach we were carried away by some secret need that led  us to search among pebbles and picked up some! Something undefined strong created a bond with the ones … Continue reading

Uniform and uneven amber beads

[:el] κομπολόι κεχριμπάρι - Χειροποίητα Κομπολόγια | Εύχαντρον, πέρα από το Κομπολόι [:en] Amber komboloi - Handmade Kombolois | Efhantron, Βeyond Komboloi

It is a fact that uniform amber beads cost much more than uneven amber beads of equal weight. In this post we will explain the reasons leading to this fact. Let’s start from scrach, i.e. from the mining process of … Continue reading

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