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The artist, Tasos Thomaidis

He was born at the district of refugees from Asia Minor, in Korinthos, in 1940. He has completed his studies in Tool Engineering, Mechanics in M.I.C. , drawing and painting in ABC College. He has also graduated from the so called “Small Technical University”. In 1967, he launches a gallery with works of popular art in Mykonos and begins to create copperplates, most of which were sold in 27 countries worldwide. His involvement with the copper leads him in 1969 to create handmade jewelry and with the assistance provided by his studies, he evolves to a self-taught gold-silversmith. Thus, Actida jewellery is created. Actida’s designs are inspired by mythology, tradition, nature, man. Actida jewellery is  disseminated widely and a reporter, specialist in traditional art commented that “Τhe Actida Art Jewellery regenerates a more luminous Tradition”. After the end of dictatorship in Greece, he came to Athens and opened the store “Actida”, that still lays in 97 Solonos str. Driven by his passion for the “misunderstood” worry beads (kompoloi) he is led in a deeper study about it. So, through his  many journeys he explores the history of hand garlands, their names, their relation with religion and everyday life of the people in each country and the evolvement of  ways to use them. He is the first that sees worry beads as a piece of jewelry and sets off designing accessories of noble metals. The beads’ separators and the tassels funnels that he creates “refresh” the  air around worry beads, known to those days Through these creations, he tries to restore its reputation in the public consciousness that has connected worry beads with poor laikotita and annoying knocking of the beads. In order to create a community of people who hold their worry beads in a respectful way and “caress them gently”  while spreading this perception, leads to the creation at first of the Athenian Center of Kompoloi and some years later of the Club of Worry Beads. The great turning point comes in 2008 when Tasos Thomaidis names each hand garland according to its way of use and also gives a new name to his creation, the jewellery-garland. The new name is “efhantron”.  Then the company will establish the name and will be finally renamed to EFHANTRON. See below some specimens of his projects in bronze and check his special decorative conception as performed to the architectural designs of cottages and to painted furniture in the 80’s:

View here more pictures.

Writing projects

The mass of information derived by from his long time research on the hand garlands (worry beads) and his conclusions about them, led him to write the book ” The path of Man and worry beads’ and afterwards to the creation of a luxurious collectible album, titled  “Komboloi”, that was financed by the Athenian Brewery. The strong influence of political and social developments, his constant artistic concerns, as well as his  internal quests, inspired him to write the below collections of verses:

So far he has released four CDs :

Talented and distinguished Greek singers have sung these songs.

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