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Our company, that began its route back in 1969 with the creation of  Actida handmade jewellery emerged from its founder’s love, Tasos Thomaides about the ”misunderstood” worry beads and his desire to restore the reputation of this particular object. So, combining the art of a silver-goldsmith with the unfailing desire to create, we elevate worry beads into a real piece of jewellery that can also be a collectible piece …in other words into an efhantro!

We are creating sterling silver and gold accessories for worry beads and jewellery. We choose natural materials, offering you the potential to combine them according to your taste, creating in this way your personal efhantro (worry beads) at the desirable price.

Our long term research in tradition and the continuous control of production starting from the design until the disposal of a piece of jewellery or worry beads (we call ours, efhantra), allows us to guarantee the aesthetics, originality, quality and lower costs.

If you are a new fan of Efhantron, we will be happy to contact us for any question  and we promise to share with you our knowledge. If you are a collector, … try us!

Besides the variety of our collections, we are able to carry out any project that you will assign us.

Contact us for wholesale availability and  our business gifts proposals.

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