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Factors shaping the price of amber today


Nowadays most of us look suspiciously at various consumer goods that have high prices or continuously get more expensive. One such commodity is Baltic amber, the fossilized resin that its age exceeds 25 million years … Read more about how amber is formed here.

Who wouldn’t like to hold an amber efhantro komboloi! What are the reasons for the constant increase in the price of amber? Can we get genuine amber products at affordable prices today?

Given the fact, that Amber is a source of electrical energy, truly beneficial to the human body, while its deposits are very limited, the demand of amber has really taken off. The prices per gram, especially in very old pieces (i.e. Kahraman amber) have reached in the Greek market, at current month the price of 150 €/gram,  while in China they surpassed 400 €/gram.

It is anticipated that amber prices will rise even more because demandin amber  is increasing and a lot of people choose to invest in this material. As in the past was gold, so at present,  amber is not just a luxury asset,  but a very good investment! All the above most certainly concern pure solid amber rather than amber powders, pressed amber or its imitations.

Nevertheless, we can find gradations in prices of natural amber, which make it quite affordable. Amber prices are determined by size, shape and color. The larger and smoother pieces are more expensive and vice versa. The smaller pieces are more affordable, as well as these with more irregular shapes,and the ones which have been recently excavated . Find out our gallery in low prices and elegant Baltic amber efhantra – kombolois here.  Visit our full collections in Baltic amber here.

About the Author

O Tάσος Θωμαΐδης γεννήθηκε στο συνοικισμό προσφύγων από την Μικρά Ασία στην Κόρινθο το 1940. Σπούδασε εργαλειομηχανικός, μηχανικός Μ.Ε.Κ. και σχέδιο – ζωγραφική στην ABC. Επίσης απεφοίτησε από το μικρό Πολυτεχνείο. Tasos Thomaidis was born at the district of refugees from Asia Minor, in Korinthos, in 1940. He has completed his studies in Tool Engineering, Mechanics in M.I.C. , drawing and painting in ABC College. He has also graduated from the so called “Small Technical University”.

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