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Uniform and uneven amber beads

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It is a fact that uniform amber beads cost much more than uneven amber beads of equal weight. In this post we will explain the reasons leading to this fact.

Let’s start from scrach, i.e. from the mining process of amber, when it comes out of the earth in the form of irregular shaped pebbles. At the selection process, pebbles that have many admixtures in other constituents are separated  from the pebbles that are “clearer”, with very few admixtures. Those with more admixtures – usually contain pieces of wood, fossilized leaves, soil, etc. –  are intended to be cut and get marketed as irregular shaped amber beads or pebbles, while the “clearer” will be carefully cut and polished to obtain perfect shape with smooth edges.

Based on the working hours and the discarded quantities of original material required by the above processes, we conclude to the following rule:  irregular shape amber beads are sold cheaper – since they haven’t undergone many processes to gain their final shape, and the quantities of the discarded material are small, while, conversely, the “clear” and perfect shaped beads have significantly higher price than irregular shape amber beads of equal weight, because of the extra working hours and the much larger quantities of discarded material.

Nowadays, the ever increasing demand in amber has affected in the reduction of their deposits, resulting the finding of large pebbles which are most likely to give us beads in perfect shape, to become more and more difficult. That is why today the price per gram in perfect shape amber beads increases along with the size of the beads while in the past it was defined only by clarity of the beads and the methods of processing them ( irregular or perfect shape).

Quite often we observe that some merchants spread  false rumors to consumers about irregular shape beads being “natural” amber, while they label beads in perfect shapes as “processed amber” without specifying that these beads have only been processed exclusively on the cutting. In fact, both types are equally natural, with the difference that the perfect shaped beads have been through extra perfecting care. The result of this rumor is that some merchants sell at higher prices than they should, beads that they have purchased relatively cheap, and, this is the point where we would like to draw our readers’ attention.

Those who know enough about worry beads and efhantra,  understand that the beads with rounded, smooth edges in oval barrel shapes are ideal for relaxation while caressing them without being blocked by sharp edges which we often meet in irregularly shaped amber beads.

Thus, since the beginning of our business in the field of worry beads and kombolois,  we support that efhantra with perfect shape beads can take off your collection, while for daily use we offer efhantra – kombolois with irregular shape amber beads at fine prices!

About the Author

O Tάσος Θωμαΐδης γεννήθηκε στο συνοικισμό προσφύγων από την Μικρά Ασία στην Κόρινθο το 1940. Σπούδασε εργαλειομηχανικός, μηχανικός Μ.Ε.Κ. και σχέδιο – ζωγραφική στην ABC. Επίσης απεφοίτησε από το μικρό Πολυτεχνείο. Tasos Thomaidis was born at the district of refugees from Asia Minor, in Korinthos, in 1940. He has completed his studies in Tool Engineering, Mechanics in M.I.C. , drawing and painting in ABC College. He has also graduated from the so called “Small Technical University”.

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